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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


SUCCESS - in your network marketing business and in general life relationships - is often a result of our knowing how to communicate with people. There are 4 basic personality types. They all require a particular approach when listening to and communicating with them. Would you like to determine in a very short time to which personality you are speaking so that you have a better chance of network marketing success?

These personality types are GREEN (Melancholy), BLUE (Sanguine), YELLOW (Phlegmatic), and RED (Choleric). Network marketing success can be greatly increased by understanding the differences.

Let’s zero in on the GREEN. They make up 35% of the population. What is the make-up of a GREEN personality and how does knowing this increase network marketing success?

This is the person who is analytical and tends to be a perfectionist. The GREEN is orderly, precise, deliberate, controlled, serious, consistent, thorough, and efficient. AT WORK the GREEN is neat, tidy, organized, makes lists and charts. The GREEN personality likes all the facts, sees problems and solutions.

What are the NEGATIVE attributes of the GREEN? They think they’re the smartest people on the planet. They are skeptical, hard to please, rigid, pessimistic – they want all the facts. The GREEN personality has difficulty making decisions. They want to be right and accurate. They get depressed and over-analyze everything. They want to be perfect. They have difficulty building relationships, which can diminish their chance of having network marketing success.

For the GREEN to be successful in network marketing he or she must learn to be a chameleon, must understand the different color personalities, learn to recognize them and how to speak and interact with them in their own color mode.

For example, another GREEN can be spotted as one who drives a safe car and stays within the speed limit. The GREEN is conservative and formal in dress, speaks slowly and deliberately, enunciates the words. Self-contained and indirect is the general personality style of the GREEN, who tends to refrain from outward demonstrations of feelings, and must work hard to show affection on a more regular basis. The GREEN personality will not volunteer information about his or her family and will answer questions that are asked but tend not to elaborate.

WHY would you want a GREEN personality in your business? The GREEN will follow the system in place and understand how it works. The best thing you can do is to move them into action through coaching and mentoring so that they can have network marketing success.

HOW do you attract a GREEN to your business for network marketing success? Just give them all the facts. They will look at ALL the information and make their own decision – you must never try to SELL them.

Motto: Let’s get the facts and the figures.
Occupation: Engineer, accountant, CPA, Professor, Mathematician
Voice: Soft and correct.
Strengths: Organized, dependable, accurate, problem solvers, detail-oriented, follow through.
Dislikes: Being late, not having all the facts, aggressive and pushy people.
Weaknesses: Hard to please and over analyze everything, pessimistic.

Examples of GREENS:
Queen Elizabeth II George Bush
Colin Powell Mother Teresa
Barbara Walters

Color your Network Marketing Success with a rainbow of personality types, mentor and coach your teammates to their own network marketing success!

Wendy Weber
“Be a Mentor with a Servant’s Heart”
Want more information you can use on personality and colors?
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