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Monday, October 17, 2005

Network Marketing Success as a Leader

What is leadership as it relates to Network Marketing?

Leadership is a process by which a leader influences people to convert their purpose or dream (their why) into reality with and through their cooperation that they would not have accomplished on their own. Leaders carry out this process by applying their leadership attributes, such as beliefs, values, ethics, character, knowledge, and skills. A network marketing leader touches people first before they can ever change their life. They touch them emotionally, and in the heart. A leader has a servants’ heart and is there to help take people to a whole new level.

What does a Leader look like?

A Leaders presence shows an air of simple elegance and refinement in attitude and form. They appear physically, emotionally and spiritually strong, yet they seem to have even greater strength in reserve. They are poised, coordinated and balanced. Their command is effortless, assured and confidence. They are calm and alert. They look good and feel good. They hold their head up, shoulders back and eyes forward. They breathe deeply filling their belly with air slowly and more fully with each breath. Muscles are relaxed and most physical movements are loose, light, fluid, agile and flexible. They speak with a soft voice in a thoughtful manner, rarely interrupt and are brief and to the point. There is power in their voice and words. They walk with a purpose yet are not rushed. They have a firm handshake. Their eyes are friendly, demeanor is respectful and their smile begins in their mind. They exhibit both style and class.

Who can become a leader?

Good leaders are made not born. If you have the desire and willpower, you can become an effective leader. Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience. Leaders are not people with exceptional talent; they are people who have learned from their mistakes and get up and try again. A leader works hard. Leaders don’t grow in a comfort zone.

How to become a Network Marketing leader that will ensure your success?

*Leaders are readers.
Read quality books, books that motivate and inspire you. Set aside at least 15 minutes daily for quiet time. Think of it as a gift you give yourself.

*Know yourself and seek self-improvement.
Address your limitations. Losers make promises but leaders make it happen.

* Learn effective communication skills.
Speak with not at people. Learn to use peoples’ names. Be an active listener. Look at the person who is talking. Don’t interrupt or fidget. Be aware of their body language. Sometimes just be silent. Think twice and speak once.

* Ask questions and observe.
Questions are stepping-stones to self-improvement. Remember, the only meaningless question is the one not asked.

*Study people.
Learn their different personalities, listen for their hot spots. Observe how others express themselves.

*Learn from past experience.
View mistakes as opportunities to grow.

*Join a Mastermind group.

*Learn marketing skills.

* Develop secretary skills, stay organize.

*Manage your time wisely.

*Become an expert in your field.

A leader will express themselves in the following ways:

Leaders will be honorable, honesty, competent, candid, consistent, straightforward, loyal, determined, calm, trustworthy, non-judgmental, respectful and ethical. They will have integrity, courage, imagination, endurance, strength of will, self-confidence, compassion and a sense of direction. Theywill keep your promises and fulfill their commitments. Their words match their deeds. They will not be self-righteous.

*Leaders know their people and look out for their well-being. They will truly love them.

*Leaders speak with purpose in a clear and precise manner. They believe in their own words. The humor they incorporate adds interest to their speeches. They create interest with word pictures that have power and purpose.

*Leaders build bridges of tolerance and understanding. They attack the argument and not the person. Long term relationships are almost always more important than short-term problems. They are active peacemaker.

*Leaders make everyone feel important. They treat all people with deference. One may react to them rudely, selfishly and with malice but leaders will remain courteous.

* Leaders made an unwavering decision to go to the top.

*Leaders help others to identify and develop their strengths. They will be quick to praise and slow to criticize.

*Leaders seek new experiences and adventures. They are open to new ideas for a small idea is often the nidus of a bigger reality.

*Leaders are persistence, they are willing to stand alone and are prepared to confront resistance. They take reasonability for themselves. They bounce back from disappointment and adapt to change.

* Leaders step forward when most others gladly step back. Why? Because you know that courage grows with action. Fear is learned and must be unlearned. Without fear, there can be no courage. Fear provides the opportunity to grow.

*Leaders are problem solvers. They face difficlties and deal with them by making wise decisions.

*Leaders give books as presents. Agood book is one of the greatest gifts to inspire someone.

When do you want to become a leader?

You can start NOW.

If Passion (your Why) is the secret weapon to Success
Leadership is the secret weapon to Network Marketing.

Do you have dreams and desires? Network Marketing Success Team is here to help you accomplish your dreams. There is hope and a real chance to make your dreams come true and become a leader. Click on the link for no cost e-book that will start you on your journey to Network Marketing Success.

All the Best,


At 8:48 AM, Blogger Nabil Khoury MD said...

That's a very nice article.
Leaders are the one who builds empires in network marketing and succeed.


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