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Friday, October 21, 2005

Network Marketing and the Phlegmatic

Network Marketing is a Relationship Business.

Doesn’t it make sense to know people?

How to spot a person’s personality within 2 min

People fall asleep when we say “phlegmatic, sanguine, melancholy and choleric”. But we understand colors. So a Phlegmatic personality is yellow, Sanguine is blue, Melancholy is green and Choleric is red.

“The YELLOW's” Who are they?

They are the introvert, shy relaxed person who is content and kind. They are peaceful, gentle, friendly and are a good listeners. They live a consistent life, care about people and are supportive of others. Because of their calm, easy going and low key personality they can function quite well in a hostile social setting. Nothing “ruffles their feathers.” They are calm, cool and collected. Yellows make up 35% of population. They are nurtures and give from their heart. They don’t have time for themselves, because they give to everybody!

How to talk to a Yellow

Become a yellow. Slow the pace. Contain your excitement. Lower the volume. Yellow see excitement as hype, you trying to sell them. Don’t tell a Yellow about making $10,000 a month, because they’ll turn right off. Yellows do not want to be sold. They don’t like pushy, aggressive salespeople. Instead, visit with them. Skip the business. Talk about their family, their kids, their vacation. The yellow are slow in making decisions and perhaps overcautious in minor matters.

Why you want Yellows in Network marketing.

Yellows have built some of the largest organizations on network marketing…WHEN they have the belief they can do it. Yellows are competent and steady. The have administrative ability and work well under pressure. They strive for peace and avoid conflict. They are easy to get along with and have many friends and are pleasant and enjoyable to be around.

Motto: Let’s be FRIENDS!
Occupation: Teacher, Nurse, Counselor, UN workers, Administrators and Diplomats
Voice: Soft and Gentle
Strengths: Dependable, Team player, Patient, Supportive and Nurturing
Weakness: Over- sensitive, Followers, Not Goal Oriented
Key Words: Team, Together, Relationship, Family
Dislikes: Pushy people, Bullies, Conflict

Examples of Yellows
Kevin Costner Mel Gibson
Grace Kelly Marilyn Monroe
Walt Disney

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At 10:28 AM, Blogger Network Marketing Success Team said...

Yellows are the best team workers in the Marketing business. They love the "togetherness". Good article Monica.


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