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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Network Marketing and The Choleric - RED

You have entered the Network Marketing World and joined a company you have always wanted to work with. You have learned some of the skills needed to make a success in your new business. Policies and Procedures along with Compensation plans you understand. But you are failing to recruit anyone to work with you. You feel you are not connecting with them. Why? Let's look at one possibility.


There are four basic colors to success. We used to call them "Phlegmatic" being YELLOW, "Sanguine" is now BLUE, "Melancholy is GREEN and last Choleric is RED. Understanding these color personalities, their strong points, their weak traits and how to approach them is something we need to know. We need to become a chameleon. We need to LISTEN to be able to pick up on their personalities within a couple sentences of talking to them. Let's talk about the REDS.


Reds are the most difficult to deal with if you cannot keep in step with them. They are controllers, difficult to coach, bossy, impatient, but confident to the point of egotism. Our world could not exist with out Reds. They are the CEO's, the money mungers (they want all of it), they are driven and love control. They are proud of their achievements and let you know often. When they have a plan there is nothing that will detour them. They do not need or care if they have friends or as a matter of fact if you are their friend. These people are great in business and are born sales people, however they are not team players. They work better alone. They love expensive designer clothes and think everyone should dress like them.


They are self starters, dynamic, and well connected (referrals), organized, driven, and confident. If you have them in your business you need to know how to stroke their ego, challenge them. They love to be motivated at the highest level. To have these people on your team you need to be prepared to play on their level and if you are not a Red this will be your biggest challenge. They will leave dead bodies all over the place unless you have control at all times.


To have this "get out of my way" person on your team can be most profitable for not only them but your company. Again, be the Boss always on an on-going basis. Give them a plan built especially for Reds like the stair-step break away Compensation plan, then leave them alone. Sometimes a Red will think they have a more efficent way of doing a task and they will tell you so. But, if your plans are proven, and are replicable, let them know in no uncertain terms there will be no changing. You are the boss. This is the time you want to stoke their ego. To keep Reds working you will need to do this. Keep ahead of them in their manipulative ways.

There will be many times when you ask yourself why you let a RED on your team. Just remember, if you are prepared with a plan of action just for them, and keep them motivated, you will have no problems. If not, you will be the one who will be turning in your resignation! So, think intelligently before hiring a Red!

Motto: Get out of my way.
Occupation: CEO, Attorney, Airline Pilot
Voice: Forceful, with authority and volume
Strengths: Focused, Goal Oriented, very Intense
Weakness: Ego, Short tempered, Domineering, Impatient, Un-teachable
Key Words: MONEY, Power, Control
Dislikes: Indecision, Chit-chat, losing control, don't like talking about Family

Examples of Reds:
Bill Gates John Wayne
Mark Twain Thomas Edison
Margaret Thatcher Napoleon Bonaparte

May you have great success in Network Marketing.
Deana Miller

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